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Ae 4x4 Club Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Hall of Fame. Here you can find the names of the 'chosen ones' along with the year they were chosen. To become a 'chosen one' all you have to do is win the Ae Challenge Trophy or Mayhem!

1994 R. Anderson 

1995 R. Gordon 

1996 G.B. Pluckrose 

1997 K. Graves 

1998 W. Mathie 

1999 R. Anderson 

2000 N.J. Robertson 

2001 J. Tokar 

2002 G. Hunter & A. Ross 

2003 R. Kerr & S. Marshall 

2004 W. Davenhill 

2005 D.Brotherston & S. Marshall 

2006 A. Wormald & R. Philipson 

2007 J.R. Goodwin & S. Marshall 

2008 R. Ibberson 

2009 Information to come 

2010 Information to come 

2011 Red Routes: 1 David Tarn; 2 Jeni Brown; 3 Willy Nelson Black Routes: 1 Martyn Campbell; 2 Tony Baskill; 3 Derek Boustead 

2012 Red Routes: 1 John Aitken; 2 Martyn Campbell; 3 David Tarn Black Routes: 1 Derek Boustead; 2 Lester Grant; 3 David Tarn 

2013 Red Routes: 1 Dan Halliday and Jim Halliday; 2 Martin Campbell and Matthew Frith; 3 Alan Gibson and David Johnstone Black Routes: 1 Martyn Campbell; 2 n/a 3 Richard Duignan

2014 Kristian Nicholson & Rod Ellwood; Overall Winners and Red Routes. Jonny Sayer & Dale Fisher Winners of the Black Routes

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