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Black Route Vehicles

Red Route Vehicles

If you intend to take part in any winch events or the Ae challenge, then your vehicle should be prepared to the following specifications which need to meet the new MSA regulation changes requiring your vehicle to have a foam fire extinguisher, spill kit, first aid kit, CE marked shackles, approved strops, winch sail blanket. If you are classed a special, you will need a battery cut-out switch that also shuts down your engine. For more information on this subject, please contact a committee member who will advise you further about your vehicle. 


The vehicle must be fitted with at least one winch. This will be used on most, if not all, routes and will need to be strong enough to pull your vehicle out of bogs, mud, up slopes you can't drive, etc. Due to the size of the area that the Black Routes cover, it is very important that your winch works well or you run the risk of waiting for some time until recovery arrives. 

Snatch Block

On the off-chance you get stuck so badly that your winch can't move your vehicle, or you need to do a complicated winch, then you should have a snatch block with you. You should also have suitable shackles to work in conjunction with it. 

Bridging Ladders

There are areas we use that require to be bridged due to various reasons, so bridging ladders must be carried. Also, they are a valuable aid when you need more traction. 


Your tyres must be an aggressive pattern or you will simply make no progress in / through / over the terrain that you will encounter in the Black Routes. 

Roll Cage

Your vehicle must have a roll cage fitted. Due to the extreme nature of the Black Routes, there is a chance that you may roll your vehicle. However, it is highly likely that your vehicle will come into contact with trees and rocks, etc., so a roll cage is a must.

Ae 4x4 Club Black Routes
Ae 4x4 Club Black Routes winch
Ae 4x4 Club Black Routes Snatch Block
Ae 4x4 Club Black Routes Bridging Ladders
Ae 4x4 Club Black Routes Tyres
Ae 4x4 Club Black Routes Roll Cage

The minimum specification for the Red routes is detailed below. Please note that the Red routes are intended to be driven without any additional aid, lockers, winches etc. 

The Red routes are intended for any 4x4 to take part in. All routes are drivable with the correct amount of skill, however we have no control over weather conditions or route conditions after several vehicles have driven them. 

In some cases, the routes could become impossible for the average 4x4 to manage. 

If this is the case, the marshals will close the route and this will be taken into consideration in the scoring. 

Tyres: The vehicle should have at least all terrain tyres fitted.

Ae 4x4 Club Red Routes
Ae 4x4 Club Red Routes Tyres